FAQ: MINI THON for usc hs

Will food and drinks be provided?

Yes! And they will be free!

What should I wear?

Each participant will receive a mini-THON T-shirt after signing up. Also, each grade will be assigned a color, so wear your mini-THON shirt and anything with your grade's color. Comfortable shoes are encouraged.

Grade War Colors:

Freshmen - ORANGE
Sophomores - GREEN
Juniors - PINK
Seniors - BLUE

Can I come late or leave early?

Participants are expected to stay for the entire event. If you do not want to make the commitment to stay over night, then we encourage you to come during Community Time. IF YOU COME LATE OR LEAVE EARLY, SPECIAL PERMISSION FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT AND TURNED IN.

How do I sign up?

One to two months prior to the event, a small fee, participation form, and parental consent form are required in order to attend. After turning in these forms, you will receive and email with your ticket information.

Can I raise money for mini-THON?

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to! After signing up, you can begin fundraising using your personal Donor Drive account. All of the donations you receive will go directly toward the final sum announced at the end of the event.

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